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The support and aid for organization of memorial museum of Peter Kropotkin is needed! 

We, the initiative group of inhabitants of Dmitrov district (Moscow region of Russian Federation), composed of Alexandr Victorovich GABLIN (tel.: 8-9295721048), Natalia Alexandrovna ZHUKOVA (tel.: 8-9295721049), Yuri Olegovich KONDRASHIN (tel.: 8-9154827016), Yuri Vitalievich KOROTEEV (tel.: 8-9055528769), Sergey Evgenievich SOKOLOV (tel.: 8-9264373444), and Nadezhda Figurovskaya (tel.: 8-4953378690),  appeal to the international scientific community, the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation (via Public council of culture), the Russian Academy of Sciences (represented by Valery Victorovich Kostyuk, Member of Academy and chief scientific secretary of Presidium of Academy), the Public Chamber of Russian Federation (represented by Irina Alexandrovna Antonova, Director of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and by Konstantin Petrovich Mikhailov, Coordinator of public movement "Arkhnadzor”), and to all people being attracted to Cultural Patrimony of Mankind. We ask them to participate personally or publicly on the positive resolution of problem about final completion of protracted reconstruction of Kropotkin`s house (now a section of culture preserve "Kremlin of Dmitrov”) and of opening of memorial exposition in this house (http://museum.ru/n24402). 

In the situation of absence of proper attention to this problem and the lack of necessary funding from the local municipality, we ask all above mentioned to support our proposal to the responsible officials in whose jurisdiction are these issues: the transfer of the Kropotkin`s house-museum (a monument of federal value) to federal funding and management.

This last proposals has real grounds because the question about a future of Kropotkin`s house-museum was repeatedly raised by local residents and also by media. For example, there are such published materials as an information in the local newspaper "Dmitrovski vestnik” (pdf), the articles of journalist Yuri Makhrin, "Temporary unavailable?” and of historian Yaroslav Leontiev "He has many things in common with Kropotkin”. 

P.A. Kropotkin participated in the beginning of 20th. century actively in the founding of first museum in Dmitrov, despite of difficult situation of cultural institutions in Russia in the time (http://www.dmmuseum.ru/history.html). As a great scientist and a prominent public figure, he certainly is worthy of perpetuate his memory. Even the list of his works on geography, geology, biology, philosophy, history, and literature shows the broad extent of his encyclopedic scientific interests. He made a great contribution to the theory of evolution of species. He developed the theory of the glacial period, and predicted the existence of the Franz-Josef-Land archipelago. As a great humanist, Kropotkin devoted much attention to the development of a new theory of a free and just society and to political journalism. His studies on the history and theory of Ethics are of great interest. He is the author of a significant and brilliant historical study about the Great French Revolution, etc.  

Kropotkin and his house in Dmitrov have an international significance. It is part of general history and conscience of whole mankind!

We ask the international scientific, cultural and social community to support our struggle for the museum of Kropotkin in Dmitrov. 

Some key facts about the actual situation with the house of Kropotkin, 1991 – 2012.

In 1991, on the eve of the 150th anniversary of P.A.Kropotkina, the district administration decided to restore the house where he has lived since the spring of 1918. to February 1921. and to open the memorial museum in this house. The district department of culture (which occupied this house for many years) leaved the house in December 1992, few days before the International Kropotkin anniversary conference organized by the culture preserve "Kremlin of Dmitrov” and the Institute of Economics of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). After the conference, the scientific community waited for beginning of restoration work in the house, but a few days later, the department came back. 

After 10 years, in 2002, another international scientific conference on 160 anniversary of Kropotkin was organized in cooperation with the RAS. It adopted an appeal for beginning of restoration work in the house. The State Committee for Construction gave 5000 Thousands Rubles for the restoration. However, instead of restoration, this miraculously preserved historical monument was dismantled and nearly destroyed, and a construction of replica begun, with a breaking the historical and architectural requirements. Then, the so-called reconstruction was abandoned, ostensibly due to lack of funds for it, though five workers would all end in one month. 

The prosecutor's office (at the signal of the Ministry of Culture of Moscow region) opened up the case on this incident and ordered to complete the work in the home, but for several years nothing was done. And the prosecutor's office does not remember about his own prescription, because Ministry of Culture probably tried to forget this monument. The house is not protected, there was an attempt to set fire to it (the security and fire alarm system was installed inside the house, but not connected to the network alerts). The site is overgrown and cluttered with debris.

In the same time however, only in recent years in Dmitrov the money was been found and the work produced for the construction or reconstruction of at least four expensive museums and monuments.

The project of "reconstruction” of Kropotkin`s house in 2004 was prepared by "Archydom – K.” Ltd. By the signing of agreement in the Dmitrov`s Department of Culture, the company estimates for this project "miraculously” increased by almost 2-fold from 400 thousand to 750 thousand rubles. The author of the restoration project has received in 2001 only 50 thousand rubles for the adjustment of his own restoration project of 1992, but he was not admitted to work on the "reconstruction". But that's not the point. Kropotkin's House is a monument of federal importance, but the Russian federal Ministry of Culture participated in his conservation less than all others. The real destructed monument speaks very well about a real "participation” of Moscow regional Ministry of Culture: his leading officers (Vice-minister for restoration work S.A. Anokhina, and Head of Department for protection of monuments I.S. Fedun) signed this project of "reconstruction”.

During these illegal works authorized by the Ministry of Culture, the historical monument was pulled down, and a crude imitation were built (even the size is another). The work executors as the "Archid-K” company didn`t have any experience with the monuments. The historical fireplace and tile stoves were nearly disfigurated. Some authentic details as paneled doors, window frames, trim, pilasters etc. were dumped in a garage of the building company, without any protection or control of Dmitrov museum, Dmitrov Department of Culture or Office of Monuments Protection. It doesn`t matter for the authorities.

At the end of 2012, there will be 170th. Anniversary of Kropotkin. But numerous people wishing to visit the world`s only museum of great scientist receive only unconvincing information about the lack thereof. 


You can also find a video about situation of house in 2012:

We call on all who are not indifferent to the problem to join our appeal and write their letters of protest (with reference to ours) to the following email addresses:

The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation
Antonova Irina Alexandrovna, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and director of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts 
Contact: http://oprf.ru/ru/chambermembers/members/user/308?year=2012
Mikhailov Konstantin Petrovich, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and coordinator of the public movement "Archnadzor"
Contact: http://oprf.ru/about/chambermembers/members2012/user/307

Russian Museums Union
Executive Director – Alexandrova Lyudmila Kirillovna 
E-mail: souzmuseum@mail.ru
Web: http://souzmuseum.wordpress.com/ ; http://www.souzmuseum.ru/

All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization Russian Geographical Society
International Phone / fax: (495) 225-27-56
E-mail: rgo@rgo.ru
Web: http://www.rgo.ru/

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
E-mail: OS@mkrf.ru (Public Council under the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation)

Management and usage Agency of historical and cultural monuments
Full name - The Federal state budgetary establishment of cultural "Management and usage Agency of historical and cultural monuments" (FSBEC "Management and usage Agency of historical and cultural monuments")
Address: Arkhangelsky Lane 12/8, Bldg. 1, Moscow, 101000 Russia
Phone / fax: (495) 624 59 31
E-mail: support@auipik.ru
Web: http://www.auipik.ru/

Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
Kostyuk Valery Victorovich, the Main Academic Secretary of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences  
Phone: (495)954-32-76 
Fax: (495)954-32-26
E-mail: kostyuk@pran.ru

The Humanitarian Fund "Fund of ethical investment" 
Address: Кuznetsovskaia St. 11., Pom. (room) 53N, St. Petersburg, 196128 Russia
Phone: 8 (951) 6748511 
E-mail: peter999@mail.ru
Web: http://www.inethic.spb.ru 

The Non-Profit Organization of the "Archaeological Heritage” Foundation for the Protection of Archaeological Heritage Sites 
Address: Krzhizhanovsky St. 14, block 2, Moscow, 117218 Russia
Phone / fax: (495) 980-52-65 
E-mail: secretary@archaeology-russia.org
Web: http://www.archaeology-russia.org/

D.S. Likhachev Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage (Heritage Institute) 
Contact: http://www.heritage-institute.ru/index.php?option=com_contact&view=contact&id=1 
Web: http://www.heritage-institute.ru/

Public movement "Archnadzor", Executive secretary 
E-mail: archnadzor@gmail.com
Web: http://www.archnadzor.ru/

The Central Council of the All-Russia Society for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments (VOOPiK) 
E-mail: csvoopik@mail.ru 
Copy to: mgovoopik@russist.ru
Web: http://www.voopik.ru/

The Russian Committee of the UNESCO Information for All Program (Russian IFAP Committee)
Address: 2a, 1st Basmanny Lane, Bldg. 1, Moscow, 105066 Russia
Phone / fax: (499) 267-33-34
Fax: (499) 263-26-61
E-mail: ifap@ifapcom.ru
Web: http://ifapcom.ru/